History of CIFA

Piero Faraone, Vice President of CIFA

CIFA was founded by prof. Giorgio Piccardi in 1969, and laid the seat officially recognized in Brussels under the auspices of the University of the same city, and became its first President.

On the course of his lively scientific activity that saw him engaged in the study of the floating phenomena through its colloidal test, found a very valuable collaborator in the drs. Carmen Capel-Boute, Free University of Brussels, President of the International Center for Research and Study of Environmental Factors (CIREFA).

The drs. Capel-Boute was researcher in electrochemistry and metallurgy at the University of Applied Sciences of the University. His meeting with prof. Piccardi took place in Florence in 1950. Professor Piccardi wroted: "It 's very rare, Madam, be right at home with those who meet by chance in life."

While drs. Capel-Boute after that wrote of him: "The confidence pact was signed with an outstanding scientific seal of mutual esteem and friendship which is evidenced in the constant correspondence after that memorable encounter." And again: "I was able to recognize the Master Piccardi aware of what I needed, being about twenty years younger than him, to benefit from his vast knowledge, his experience and his most constructive criticism of my research."

The result of this meeting was that between the two scientists came a strong and close-knit collaboration in research on the phenomena floating and correlations that could arise considering the important role played by the physical properties of water, depending on whether or not it was activated and the importance of solar activity variations in the test colloidal studied in parallel at the same time in Florence and in Brussels.

The drs. Capel-Boute was President of CIFA after prof. Piccardi and always animated with his inexhaustible passion and preparation, co-workers and not, in any possible confrontation in the various Conferences of study that have taken place as far. Never accused signs of slowing proving a worthy successor of prof. Piccardi in both research and dedication.

In 1987 he left the Presidency to the dr. E. P. Wedler, of Institute of Biometeorology of the Free University of Berlin. With the sudden death of dr. Wedler in 1990, she took over temporarily the burden of managing the Presidency of the CIFA despite the burden of age.

Now in his eighties, had extraordinary success in agreeing with the University of Puschino (Moscow) in 1993, the revival of CIFA at that meeting to ensure a future at the old Belgian headquarters no longer seemed so warranted by the circumstances foreseen.

In 1993, therefore, there was a new President of CIFA, a Ukrainian, prof. Boris Vladimirsky, Astronomer at the Observatory of Nauchniy in Crimea. The secretariat of CIFA resettled to Puschino where Simon Shnol, Professor of the Institute of Biophysics of the University, assumed the post of Vice-Chairman

It was later Vice President of CIFA dr. Imre Ormenji already, Biometereologist at the National Institute of Rheumatism of Budapest, and then the dr. Piero Faraone (so far) already Medical Director (1976-1991) of the Laboratory of hygiene and prophylaxis Province of Rome.

Subsequently, the post of Secretary General of CIFA was occupied by prof. Paolo Manzelli, Florentine, a student of Piccardi.

Carmen Capel-Boute
Buenos Aires, 1914 - Brussel 1990

Simon Shnol

Paolo Manzelli