Biography of Giorgio Piccardi

Piero Faraone, Vice President of CIFA

Giorgio Piccardi (Florence, October 13, 1895 - Riccione, December 22, 1972) began his studies in chemistry in his hometown of Florence in 1913, at age 18. The World War I, however, forced him to  stop being sent to the front as an officer in the Italian Alpine Corp. Was decorated and discharged in 1919.

Returning to Florence completed his university degree in chemistry started his university career, he became a lecturer in physical chemistry in 1926.

Through the competition, he became professor of physical chemistry, to University of Genoa in 1938. 
At the same university he founded the Institute of Physical Chemistry with attached Spectroscopy Laboratory where he worked in atomic and molecular spectra of rare earths.

The outbreak of World War II prompted him to return to Tuscany, where he worked at the University of Florence. In 1945 he was called to the Chair of Chemistry and Physics in the same city where she  founded the Institute of Physical Chemistry which he directed until 1965. Directed the school to the study of interfaces and surface phenomena with consequent applications in the biological field. He  studies on the chemical structure and spectroscopy with applications in industrial and archeology.

Special attention devoted to the field of fluctuating phenomena identified and deepened in studies that saw him engaged at an international level, creating its specific methods of investigation which  revealed the genius and promoted true pioneer in such research. Succeeded in founding the University Center for the Study of Fluctuating Phenomena (the CUFF), which was connected to other similar in  other foreign countries with whom he collaborated actively. Searches based on his methods, were made all over the world and even in the Arctic and Antarctica.

After 1951 his scientific especially regarding the Floating Phenomena with the chemical tests that he designed. These studies lasted for twenty years, led him to formulate a sentence very suggestive: 
"Heterogeneous systems, out of balance and sufficiently complex, respond to any external signal even on the smallest energy." The interest that most of the chemical reactions and biological processes. He had for his studies of national and international awards.

He founded and became President of CIFA (International Committee for the Study of the Phenomena of the Environment) in 1969, officially recognized placing the headquarters in Brussels under the auspices of the University of the same city.

Piccardi developed his scientific work bearing witness to more than 200 publications and a monograph published in the USA and Russia ("The chemical basis of medical climatology").

He was active until 1972, the year he missed us all.

Publications by Giorgio Piccardi over activation of water and correlated phenomena: